A Text Message #Scam Involving @Netflix Is Making The Rounds

The scams keep coming. Today it’s Netflix that’s being used in a scam and it’s somewhat interesting. First you get this text message:

Now clearly this isn’t from Netflix as the grammar is poor, but the link isn’t a Netflix domain. Those alone should make you run for the hills. But because I want to see how these scams work so that you don’t become a victim, I clicked on the link, which you should never ever do.

So you get this and if you look at the address, it has the word similar to Netflix in it, but it’s not Netflix. Clicking continue takes you here:

So first they want your Netflix credentials. Crafty as perhaps there’s a black market for that sort of thing. But I think it’s for another purpose. As in to gain your trust for the next step in this scam.

Hmmm…. Name, date of birth, credit card number. Sound like a two for one here to grab not only your credit card details, but enough details to pull off identity theft. That’s confirmed on the next screen:

Asking for your address confirms that this scam has an identity theft component. By the way, I typed in bogus credit card info and the website didn’t validate it. Clearly the scammers didn’t try too hard here.

Once you enter your details, the scammers dump you to the real Netflix page. Because if you actually entered your real details, you just got pwned and you’re in trouble. The question is, who set this up. Well, there’s no telling as based on this, the website was set up today and whomever did it doesn’t want you to know who they are:

Chances are, when Netflix finds out about this site, and seeing as I tagged them on this post they will find out, this site will be shut down. But it will be live with another domain provider and hosting provider by tomorrow. Which is unfortunate. Still this illustrates why you need to be on guard as Netflix would never send you a text message about some problem with your account. Thus if you get a text message like this, do yourself a favour and delete it.

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