Cyren Phishing Kit Investigation – A Must Watch Video

Cyren Ltd. has a video that they just released detailing an investigation which took place following Adalsteinn Jonsson, a Data Scientist at Cyren, had his girlfriend’s backpack containing her personal and work laptops along with iPad, stolen.  

What follows is a story of cyber-attack evasion, active threat hunting and the discovery of a globally used phishing kit which provided a platform for thieves to ‘jailbreak’ stolen electronics. Something that I had brought to your attention a few months ago.

As a company which has spent the last 30 years fighting phishing attacks, Cyren was compelled to tell this raw, personal story. Consider this a must watch video. Which you can see here.

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  1. […] The reason why you get contacted by the thief is that iPhones have a feature called Activation Lock. That effectively makes the phone useless to sell for anything other than parts because there is no way for a thief to erase it and sell it as new. And if the iPhone is new enough, a lot of those parts are tied to the specific iPhone, which makes it even less valuable to a theif. Thus the thief needs to get you to turn of Activation Lock if they want to make any money off of it. To top it all off, the thief in question is likely using what I call a “scam as a service” to facilitate contacting you to get you to turn off Activation Lock. I’ve covered how these services work here. […]

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