New Research Finds 73% of Organizations will Increase AppSec investment in 2023 as Log4j Anniversary and Recession Looms

Invicti has released the firm’s latest research report, which found:

  • 73% of organizations anticipate that they’ll increase their AppSec investments in 2023.
  • 97% of DevSecOps teams say they ignore a real vulnerability at least once a month because they assume it is a false positive.
  • Developers are pushing code with known vulnerabilities due to pressure to deliver.

With the upcoming Log4j anniversary in early December, the 2 year anniversary of the SolarWinds attack and a recession pressuring security budgets, Frank has found that application security is a top priority for CISOs as nation-states, like China, scan for vulnerabilities as a prime attack vector.

You can read that research report here.

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