Elon Musk Gets Called Out By The EU Commissioner On Twitter…. This Might Be Fun To Watch

Elon Musk hasn’t owned Twitter for 24 hours yet and already he’s getting called out by people because of his takeover of the social media platform. A reader pointed me towards this interesting Tweet from European Commissioner Thierry Breton with a response from Musk:

One thing to point out is that earlier this year, Breton had reminded Musk that his free-speech focus on Twitter would be limited by the EU’s own content-moderation laws. Something that I suspect didn’t go over well with Musk. Breton then traveled to Texas in May where the two said there was “no disagreement” over their approach to content. Here’s proof of what came out of that meeting:

But here’s the headwind that Musk is facing. The EU’s Digital Services Act gives the EU the power enforce rules governing how tech companies moderate content and to decide when they must take down illegal content. If Twitter under Musk’s control doesn’t comply, Twitter will face fines of as much as 6% of annual sales and could even be banned. Which would be expensive for Musk as the EU is a huge market that Musk cannot simply decide to ignore. And the EU decided to remind Musk of this, via a Tweet:

Thus I suspect this might be the start of a fight between Musk and the EU once Musk starts to push his free speech at all costs agenda. And if he gets into a fight with the EU, he’ll lose. Just ask Google and Microsoft who fought the EU and lost.

This might be fun to watch.

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