Elon Musk Announces Twitter Blue For $8 A Month

Earlier today, I posted blowback about Twitter and it’s overlord Elon Musk was getting due to his idea of charging for being verified on Twitter. It now seems that Musk has moved from $20 a month to $8 a month based on this stream of Tweets from Musk’s Twitter account:

I truly encourage you to read the entire string of Tweets as it shows you what you get for your $8 a month, and it shows you where his head is at. But, here’s one reaction to this:

That is a valid point. Because what Musk isn’t smart enough to understand is that this firestorm is not about price. It’s about making sure that someone on Twitter is who they say they are. Musk really needs to figure that out and rethink this strategy.

I honestly don’t think that this will not put out the firestorm that this whole thing has created. In fact, I would not be surprised if this accelerates the firestorm.

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