Twitter Is Descending Into A Hellscape For Employees Under Musk

Twitter under Elon Musk is becoming the one thing that he promised it wouldn’t become. A Hellscape. Specifically a hellscape for his employees. CNBC reports that Musk is forcing employees to prove their worth, and meet insanely impossible deadlines:

Twitter employees who were there before Musk took over said they have been asked to show his teams all manner of technical documentation, to justify their work and their teams’ work, and to explain their value within the company. The threat of dismissal looms if they do not impress, they said.

The employees said they are worried about being fired without cause or warning, rather than laid off with severance. Some are worried that they will not be able to reap the rewards of stock options that are scheduled to vest in the first week of November, according to documentation viewed by CNBC.

Meanwhile, the Twitter employees said they have not received specific plans from Musk and his team yet, and are largely in the dark about possible head count cuts within their groups, budgets and long-term strategies.

Musk has set nearly impossible deadlines for some to do-list items, however.


Managers at Twitter have instructed some employees to work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, in order to hit Musk’s aggressive deadlines, according to internal communications. The sprint orders have come without any discussion about overtime pay or comp time, or about job security. Task completion by the early November deadline is seen as a make-or-break matter for their careers at Twitter.

In an atmosphere of fear and distrust, many Twitter employees have stopped communicating with each other on internal systems about workplace issues. What’s more, some of Twitter’s Slack channels have gone nearly silent, multiple employees told CNBC.

Meanwhile, Musk and his inner circle have been plumbing archived messages in the systems, ostensibly looking for people to fire and budgets or projects to slash.

A couple of things spring to mind. First is the fact that if a leader of other human beings has to threaten people to get them to perform, that leader doesn’t have the ability to lead. Second, this culture of fear that Musk is creating is going to send key people to the exits. And then what does he do?

Honestly, if I worked for Twitter, and I hadn’t made my way to the exits by now, I would be doing do immediately. Even working for Burger King would be better than working for Elon Musk.

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