BlackFog October State Of Ransomware Report Is Out

BlackFog’s monthly State of Ransomware Report for October is out and the key findings for the month of October from Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog are:

  • October saw the highest number of confirmed ransomware attacks in the 3 years that BlackFog has been collecting data with a total of 44 publicized attacks. This highlights the limitations of existing traditional cybersecurity solutions and the general lack of preparedness by most organizations.
  • This month saw the largest increase in attacks on the Technology sector with an increase of over 29%. As in previous months we have also seen large increases in attacks on sectors with the lowest levels of protection in place, namely Healthcare, Education and Government with increases of 20%, 16% and 12% respectively.
  • The most dramatic changes in ransomware variants this month were BlackCat with an increase of 47% and LockBit with an increase of 39%. This reflects the effectiveness of these variants and specifically the data destruction capabilities of BlackCat that we became aware of in September.
  • While we continue to see PowerShell increase utilization to 85% we note this month that data exfiltration is now involved in 89% of all successful attacks.

Today’s full report can be found here:

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