White House Declares November To Be Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

The White House who is very focused on cybersecurity has declared November to be Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month:

This month, we recommit to improving the resilience of our Nation’s critical infrastructure so it can withstand all hazards — natural and manmade.  By building better roads, bridges, and ports; fortifying our information technology and cybersecurity across sectors, including election systems; safeguarding our food and water sources; moving to clean energy; and strengthening all other critical infrastructure sectors, we will lay the foundation for long-term security and prosperity.

The proclamation is an interesting read and I will give my thoughts in a second. First I’d like to share the thoughts of Craig Burland who is the CISO of Inversion6:

“This announcement continues a trend of active participation by the US government in cybersecurity.  Last week, CISA announced the Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals.  The head of CISA has been working hard to build public-private partnerships to boost our collective defense.  CMMC is coming in 2023.  These are all positive steps that will help increase the mind-share cybersecurity occupies in corner offices and board rooms, especially for those that do business with the US government.  With the interdependency of the global supply chain and global economy, it’s in everyone’s best interest to do business securely.”

My thoughts go something like this. This administration is clearly focused on increasing America’s cybersecurity readiness. That’s a noble and required goal given the times that we live in. And initiatives like these will help to make sure that cybersecurity is at the forefront of every American company, and citizen.

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