Elon Musk Seems To Hate Diversity As He Terminates Twitter Black Resource Group Among Other Groups

Elon Musk run Tesla has a problem with diversity. And there are a number of lawsuits that seem to back that up. Well it seems that Musk is at it again as news has surfaced that Musk has shut down Twitter’s Black Resource Group now that he owns the company:

An outlet spoke with two Black employees, referred to as Cam and Bailey (to protect their identities), about their thoughts on the future of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the social media site.

According to the pair, employees were initially excited about the Tesla founder taking over the company, but that quickly changed.

“From afar, we were thinking—this could mean great improvements from an engineering and product perspective because he’s known in the industry as having skills in that arena. But the closer we got to him, the more we realized that his personal ideologies are so far away from ours,” the pair said in an interview.

Bailey predicted that under Musk, Twitter would be a less inclusive company. Yahoo News reported that Musk had terminated Blackbird, the Employee Resource Group (ERG) for Black employees at Twitter, founded by Shavone Charles. Musk also got rid of the Women’s ERG at Twitter.

Bailey took the elimination of the ERGs as a clear indication of a shift in the company, and it completely changed how minority and female employees view the company.

“I was a Twitter user before I was an employee,” Cam told Essence, adding that work culture has taken a dark turn.

It think that it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s only a matter of time before discrimination lawsuits pop up at Twitter. Because this appears to be a bit of a pattern of behaviour with Musk run companies. And it’s pretty clear that Elon Musk doesn’t see diversity as something that should be valued.

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