What A Shocker…. Twitter Took Zero Action Against Election Posts That Were Problematic

We all wondered what would happen to content moderation on Elon Musk’s Twitter during last night’s election. And now we have our answer:

A watchdog group has said Elon Musk’s Twitter took little action against high-profile election posts they flagged as problematic, Reuters reported.

Common Cause, a nonpartisan group that monitors social media for voter suppression, told Reuters that posts from some Republican candidates should have included warning labels under Twitter’s current policy.

False claims and conspiracy theories have already been emerging around Maricopa County in Arizona, where voting machines experienced a “technical glitch” that led to some votes not being correctly tabulated, CNN reported. Some people took to social media to blame Democrats for the technical difficulties.

Common Cause said tweets by candidates such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who also publicized the glitch on Twitter, should have been marked with a warning under Twitter’s civic integrity policy, per Reuters. 

The watchdog also told the news outlet that Twitter’s response time had decreased since mass layoffs last Friday saw 50% of staff axed.

The group said Twitter’s response time used to be around one to three hours, but now the company was “hopeless” and “going dark on it for days.”

This I believe is proof positive that Twitter under Elon Musk is becoming the hellscape that he promised it would not be. You cannot simply fire the people who are responsible for stopping this sort of thing from happening, and not expect anything bad to happen. It’s just another sign that Musk’s “Ready, Fire, Aim” mentality is going to kill Twitter.

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