Nuspire Releases Its Q3 Threat Report… And The Threat Landscape Is As Dangerous As Its Ever Been

Nuspire is just launched its latest threat report. Here’s the highlights of what the threat landscape looks like at present.

Notable findings from Nuspire’s quarterly report include: 

  • A 236.22% jump in Kryptik variants, which are a type of trojan malware distributed to victims through phishing campaigns. Their goal is to steal information, including cryptocurrency wallets, files and SSH keys. 
  • An increase of 35.39% in botnet activity, mostly attributed to Torpig Mebroot, a banking trojan designed to scrape and collect credit card and payment information from infected devices.  
  • Remote access trojans (RATs) are popular with threat actors, with the report indicating increased activity from RATs like ZeroAccess and Xtreme RAT. 
  • Vulnerabilities, particularly those containing a remote code execution, continue to be a go-to target for cyber criminals. In Q3, VMware Workspace ONE Access and Identity Manager as well as the Zimbra Collaboration Suite saw heightened activity. 

You can read the full threat report here and is very much worth your time to read.

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