Twitter Is Now Engaged In A Second Round Of Layoffs…. This Time It’s Contractors…. Thousands Of Them

Elon Musk’s burning down of Twitter continues unabated.

Casey Newton of Platformer is saying that thousands of contractors worldwide have been laid off. And the way they’re finding out is absolutely wrong:

This is absolutely wrong on so many levels. You don’t treat other human beings this way. Clearly Elon Musk on top of being immature is a horrible human being who has no feelings whatsoever. It shows the level of desperation that he has to get Twitter to make money quickly in order to pay back all the loans he took out to buy Twitter. Oh yeah, if you think Twitter is in a bad place now, it’s about to get worse.

Oh yeah. Then there’s also this:

This guy is a scumbag too. Just like his boss. My advice for former Twitter employees who get a call to come back to work, decline it. Twitter doesn’t deserve you or your talents. Let them burn.

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