Elon Musk Fact Checked By Former Twitter Employees…. How Embarrassing For Him

It is bad enough for Elon Musk that he has turned Twitter into a train wreck next to a dumpster fire. But you know things are really bad when his own former employees fact check him. Let me give you two examples where Musk has been posted tweets intended to indicate financial or technical inefficiencies at the company which need to be fixed. And former staff calling him on it.

On Saturday, Musk put out this Tweet:

Cue the blowback:

Ouch. But it gets worse. Musk then reacted to someone calling him out for forcing employees to pay for lunch which breaks a long standing Twitter tradition:

Cue the blowback:

What’s worse is if you look at these Tweets, he then gets into public pi$$ing contests with these people. That makes no sense and it’s almost as if Musk is just making stuff up to justify what he’s done. And is then trying to defend that tenuous position when he gets called on it. Which isn’t a good look if you are Elon Musk. I think it’s proof that Musk is in over his head and is just saying and doing anything to make his issues with Twitter go away.

If I were Musk, I would stop getting into public fights with these people, I would stop putting stuff like this out there, and I would either focus on making Twitter a place where people want to spend their time and advertisers want to spend money. Right now he’s not doing that and Twitter is further descending into hellscape territory.

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