More From Elon Musk’s Demand For Employees To Be “Hardcore”…. Twitter’s Payroll Group Is Largely Gone

Business Insider is reporting that the latest from last night’s fallout from Elon Musk’s demand that staff sign onto his demand that Twitter employees be “hardcore“. It seems significant parts of Twitter’s financial groups are gone:

Along with the payroll department resigning, Twitter’s US Tax team and its financial reporting team also resigned, two people familiar with the matter said, matching several internal messages seen by Insider. All three segments of the company were part of Twitter’s finance and accounting organization. While accounting was “less impacted” by resignations on Thursday, that part of the organization is smaller now, too, one of the people said.

Employees are set to get paid again next week, one former worker said. While those payments are likely to have been already approved, the next round of payments will not have been, the person said. 

“What happens in another two weeks?” the person asked. “When everyone who can approve something is gone.”

This is not good and is the perfect example of unintended consequences. You have to wonder what Elon is thinking as he’s clearly screwed himself and Twitter along with it. I am not sure what will happen next. But I think it’s safe to say that this will further accelerate Twitter’s downfall. After all, if you can’t pay your taxes, bills, and employees, you’re going to have a problem. Or in Elon’s case, yet another problem.

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