More Twitter Employees Laid Off By Elon Musk… While Elon Puts Out Some Tweets That Make You Say WTF

I guess that Elon Musk isn’t afraid of what his mass layoffs and resignations are doing to his ability to run Twitter. I say that because there is news of more layoffs at Twitter:

Looking around briefly, I saw this about the layoffs:

Some of those who were fired started to receive notice on Sunday, according to two people familiar with the matter, though it’s unclear how many will be impacted in the current round. Platformer earlier reported the news.

Twitter’s sales organization held an all-hands meeting on Sunday with Musk and the new head of sales, Chris Riedy, two people said. Many employees showed up expecting some announcement about cuts, after Bloomberg reported Saturday that more were coming. Instead, Musk used the time to talk about ongoing updates, including his decision to reinstate the account of former US President Donald Trump, one of the people said. He also explained that the company needed to make ads more targeted to particular users, according to another person familiar with the remarks. There was no mention of layoffs during the meeting. 

Employees who were cut received notice via emails entitled: “Your Role at Twitter.”

“After further review of our workforce, we have identified roles within our organizational structure that are no longer necessary,” the note reads, according to a copy seen by Bloomberg. “Today is your last working day at the company.” The note, which goes on to explain that details on severance and returning company property is coming later, is signed, “Twitter.”

I have two theories about this:

  • Tesla is known for having NO marketing budget. Thus Elon is reorienting Twitter around the model of his other companies. Though if the majority of your revenue is based around advertising as is the case with Twitter, I am not certain this move will work.
  • This may imply that perhaps there’s isn’t a need for sales types at Twitter as advertisers flee the platform. It’s hard to see how Musk would view that as a good thing as that’s a direct hit to Twitter’s income. But Elon has his own “unique” view of the universe.

I also looked for evidence of engineers being offered their jobs back, but I couldn’t find any. But it would not shock me as someone has to run Twitter and Elon clearly can’t do it alone.

Speaking of Elon, he’s put out two Tweets that are truly in WTF country with one bordering on not safe for work country. I’ll start with that one as it involves Donald Trump’s reinstatement on the platform:

I have no words for this. Neither do I have words for this one related to CBS News suspending posts on Twitter:

I really don’t get it. You’d think with everything that is surrounding Twitter at the moment, you would think he’d have better things to do than to post some extremely questionable memes that make people wonder about where his head is at. But clearly not. And that may come back to bite him sooner than he thinks.

UPDATE: Musk is clearly trolling CBS News as they have restarted posting to Twitter after saying that they were putting a pause on using the platform.

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