Guest Post: Cryptojacking malware soars nearly 4x in Q3 2022

After recent turbulence in the crypto market, Atlas VPN decided to analyze the cybersecurity side of the crypto landscape and found that new modifications of cryptojacking software used in the act of hijacking a computer and using it to mine digital assets against the user’s will, grew 3.8 times in Q3 2022. 

As many as 153 thousand new variants of malicious mining software were detected by Kaspersky in the third quarter of the year. In Q2, the number of new cryptojacking variants stood at around 41 thousand. 

However, data also reveals that the number of cryptojacking victims did not change significantly. In fact, it decreased slightly.

Analysts believe that fraudsters were trying to capitalize on the predicted growth in the crypto market. However, the predictions fell short, the market did not expand to new heights, and their strategy did not come to fruition. 

Nevertheless, cryptojacking is still one of the most common online threats. The number of victims each quarter range from 300 to 500 thousand.

Cryptojacking 101

Cryptojacking is a rather new threat, which emerged rapidly due to the impressive financial rewards of cryptocurrency mining. 

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