Why Would Proctor And Gamble Post This Tweet For Tampax???

I have seen a lot of things on Twitter. Some of which really made me wonder what the person who posted the Tweet was thinking. But this one has got to be the one that makes my head explode. Let me get to the Tweet that made me feel this way:

What does that mean. Well if I do a rough translation, it means the following: “you are in their direct messages” on social media, means to speak to someone online romantically, followed by the phrase “I am…”, which usually ends with a self-aggrandising comparison. In basic terms, it means you have something, but I have something better.

In this case, this Tweet is insanely offensive as it seems to sexualize women to a massive degree. And it blows my mind that any major corporation like Proctor and Gamble who owns Tampax would have a social media manager who would sign off on this posting this Tweet.

If that’s not bad enough, they doubled down on this Tweet:

I have to say that this is creepy and insulting. I truly do not understand what this company is thinking and why they would ever think that this is a good idea. I have tried to look around for an explanation or a response from Proctor and Gamble, but I don’t see one. But I would very much like to see one as women around the world deserve an explanation for this, and what Proctor and Gamble is going to do to ensure that they are more sensitive to the markets that they serve.

The world is waiting.

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