Elon Musk Claims That Apple Is Threatening Him With The Removal Of The Twitter App From The App Store

Related to this Twitter rant from Elon Musk earlier today comes this:

Musk then went on to say this:

I suspect Elon isn’t telling the complete truth here. My thought is that Apple did tell him why, assuming that this conversation did happen, but since that doesn’t fit with the narrative of being the victim, he’s resorted to this. But we don’t have both sides of this conversation so that’s impossible to prove or disprove.

It would not at all surprise me if Apple made demands to have moderation on the Twitter platform or face being Thanos Snapped off the App Store, just like Parler was after January 6th. This could be a terminal event for Twitter. Doubly so if Google follows suit. Which they did with Parler. So you can see why Elon has become extremely unhinged today. And he’s decided to pick a fight against a trillion dollar company in the process. The problem for Elon is that he will lose. Apple makes the decisions in terms of if and what is on its App Store, and there are rules that Twitter agreed to. Though Twitter has tested the limits of that from time to time. Regardless, Elon should really reconsider his position here because he doesn’t have the cards to play that will lead to a win.

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