Skills Shortage and Integration Challenges Halt Cybersecurity Adoption: BlackFog

BlackFog today released the latest findings in their CISO research which shows that half of CISOs (50%) have been prevented from adopting new security solutions due to problems with integration, whilst security teams now use an average of 20 tools to combat cybersecurity threats. 

This research, sponsored by BlackFog and conducted by Sapio Research, is the second part of an exploration into the many frustrations and challenges faced by CISO’s, IT Security Leaders and Cybersecurity Professionals in the UK and US.  

This research also found that: 

  • 32% stated a lack of skills within their team prevented deployment of a new solution 
  • 22% would consider leaving their current role due to lack of budget for investing in the latest technology   
  • 22% reported that securing additional budget for implementing new technology was one of their biggest priorities in the first 6 months 

This research continues to highlight the lack of cybersecurity investment and the effect it has on those in leading security positions. 

You can read their findings here.

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