New Research Finds That People Are 3 Times More Likely to Experience Identity Theft If They Are Not Using A Password Manager

It’s almost 2023, and nearly two-in-three people still track their passwords by memorization or hand-written notes, according to new research. This, even as identity theft doubled during the pandemic. 

The second annual study by asked more than 1,000 Americans how they keep track of online passwords and reveals practices most common across those that experienced identity theft in the last year. Not to mention, risky habits of password manager users.

Google Password Manager is the most used tool in 2022, per 23 percent of respondents, up from eight percent last year.

Other key findings include: 

  • Web users without password managers are three times more likely to experience identity theft than those who properly use them
  • After a massive data breach, LastPass moved from the most popular manager in 2021 to the fourth-most popular in 2022
  • Mobile usage of password managers surpassed desktop usage in 2022, with 84 percent of password vault users employing them on their phones

The full research is here:

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