Elon Musk Is Censoring Posts About Mastodon On Twitter…. WTF???

If you want proof that Elon Musk is so thin skinned that he cannot handle any competition, here’s a great example of that. People are starting to notice that Twitter posts that have the word “Mastodon” or links to a Mastodon account, or both in it are starting to look like this:

How is this possibly sensitive content? Oh yeah. It’s sensitive to Elon because it illustrates that Twitter is dying a slow death under his watch because of his gross incompetence. Because all this is going to do is to drive people who weren’t sure about fleeing Twitter to head to Mastodon. And it’s also going to make people like yours truly who still had Twitter accounts close them and go all in with Mastodon. Both will deprive Elon of eyeballs, which in turn will make advertisers not want to advertise on Twitter. That in turn will take money out of his pockets and accelerate the death spiral that Twitter is in.

Congratulations Elon, you played yourself. Again.

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