Armorblox Announces Enhancements To Its NLU-Based Data Protection Platform 

Armorblox today announced the addition of Custom Role-Based Access Controls to its cloud-delivered email security platform to maintain data compliance and reduce data blindspots for individuals across the organization. 

Not all emails are created equal. On the inbound threat side, attackers tend to put a focus on the types of emails that involve exfiltrating sensitive credentials and financial fraud. According to the Armorblox 2022 Email Security Threat Report, 87% of all credential phishing attacks looked like common business workflows in order to trick victims, and 70% of all impersonation attacks slipped past native email security layers. On the data security side, end users and third-party contacts have access to sensitive and confidential information, either about the organization, other employees, or clients that can accidentally or maliciously fall into unlawful hands. Armorblox offers enhanced security from insider threats with enhancements to Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention and the addition of Custom Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC).

Armorblox has always believed in a security-first focus, and this focus extends beyond providing a best-in-class email security solution. The expanded functionality of Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention provides customers with precise protection across all confidential content types and sensitive data. Coupled with Armorblox Custom DLP Policies, organizations now have the ability to set automated encryption actions and exceptions for confidential content and sensitive data per user or per department.

Armorblox Custom Role-Based Access Controls provide security teams the fine grain controls necessary to set access and restriction levels for individuals, groups, and teams across the organization. Security Administrators are now able to thwart insider threat attacks through the creation of custom roles and permissions to ensure that access to the Armorblox platform by security team members is restricted to their job responsibilities.

Armorblox is supporting the security-first focus that organizations need through the addition of Custom Role-Based Access Controls and enhancements of the Advanced DLP product to the Armorblox platform, benefiting customers in a number of ways, including: 

  • Sensitive Data Encryption: Stop unauthorized disclosure of PII, PCI, PHI with automatic identification and encryption of sensitive data across emails, attachments, and documents.
  • Custom Access Controls: Easily create and set custom roles with granular permissions for individuals across security teams that align best with job responsibilities.
  • Reduce Data Blindspots: Ensure appropriate access levels and restrictions are set for organization, employee, and third-party data.

To learn more about the capabilities of Armorblox Custom Role-Based Access Controls, visit

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