Elon Musk Is Censoring Links From Social Media Sites Other Than Mastodon

Earlier today, I mentioned in a post that Elon Musk is having whatever staff is left at Twitter censor any Tweet that has links to Mastodon. This behaviour was called out by noted cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs:

The thing is, it’s not just Mastodon. Other social media sites are getting this treatment:

The core reason why this is happening is that Elon doesn’t want Twitter users to have an easy off ramp to Mastodon or some other social media platform. And he’s doing this for the following reasons:

  • Mastodon and sites like it are a threat to Elon because they take users away from Twitter.
  • Less people on Twitter means that it’s a less appealing place for the few advertisers who still want to advertise on Twitter.
  • Less advertisers on Twitter means less money for Elon.
  • Less money for Elon means that he’s either got to fund Twitter out of his own pocket (which includes paying whatever he has to on $13 billion in loans that he secured to buy Twitter) or let Twitter die. Which if Twitter died, it would be a huge hit to his rather fragile ego.

In short, we’re seeing the desperation that I spoke of earlier this week increase. And if we see him start to block links to Facebook or Instagram, we’ll know that he’s in a very dark place trying anything to turn things around.

I have said it before and I will say it again. We are in the endgame. At this point, what we’re watching is to see how this all ends.

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