Targus Releases Their First Global Sustainability Report

Targus, a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, has released its first Global Sustainability Report detailing its sustainability roadmap and quantifiable actions to do more to impact less. Targus’ sustainability roadmap aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide a solid framework driven by transparency and accountability.  

The in-depth report covers three core areas: 1) an overview of the company and its strides in sustainability to date, 2) the five key UN SDGs that Targus has prioritized, as well as its actions to support them, and 3) Targus’ future goals and commitments to contribute to a greater collective impact.

Here are some of the key highlights.

  • To date, Targus has recycled 17 million plastic bottles. In 2008, Targus launched its line of laptop cases and backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles and is now expanding its EcoSmart technology into the tech accessories category. For example, the company will be launching a new Energy Harvesting EcoSmart™ Keyboard in early 2023, which was recently named a 2023 CES® Innovation Awards Honoree.
  • Sustainability should be a top priority for all businesses. In fact, more than any other region, the US sees sustainability as a motivation for where people choose to work. An overwhelming number of top-level decision makers state that sustainability initiatives have a positive effect on employee recruitment (95%) and retention (94%).
  • Targus’ global sustainability goals closely align with five of the key UN SDGs. These chosen goals focus on the following areas where Targus believes it can make the biggest positive impact: Workplace conditions and economic opportunity, responsible consumption and production, climate action, as well as conservation below water and on land.

As our world evolves and faces unprecedented environmental challenges, it’s clear that today’s businesses must play an important role in sustainability. Read the full report to learn about Targus’ journey toward creating a greener future.

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