Review: RollingSquare InCharge Mini

In the interest of providing a last minute stocking stuffer suggestion, I have one in the form of the RollingSquare InCharge Mini. It gives you a charging cable on your keychain. Now some of you who read this blog are going to say, didn’t you review another RollingSquare product that does the same thing? The answer is yes. That would be The InCharge X. But there are two different use cases for them. In the case of the InCharge X, that gives you any cable type that you need on your keychain. As in:

  • From the computer’s end: USB-A and USB-C
  • From the device’s end: USB-C, Lightning, MicroUSB

But the InCharge Mini gives you a single cable to stick on your keychain. Your choices are:

  • USB-A to USB-C
  • USB-C to USB-C
  • USB-A to Ligthning
  • USB-C to Lightning

So if you have a device, say an iPhone, and you never plan on using any other device, this is perfect for you as an emergency cable to charge it or connect it to a computer. Let’s have a look at what comes with the package:

Besides a keyring, you get the InCharge Mini. In my case, it’s USB-A to USB-C. It snaps together using a magnet so that it doesn’t fall off your keychain. And the cable is woven which will make it durable. The Lightning variants are MFi certified as well as they are good for data and power. In short, this is a great “just in case” cable that you can have on you at all times. One plus is that this appears to be anodized. Which implies that it will survive better in your pocket and not get scratched up like the InCharge X did when I tested that.

At $19 USD, it is a great stocking stuffer. Thus if you know what device someone has, you might want to pick one up as it is great for emergency use or for travel.

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