Review: RollingSquare InCharge XL

Fun fact: Before the world started ending, I carried around a small arsenal of cables whenever I travelled or went to see clients. Besides an HDMI cable and a Ethernet cable, I had these in my tech travel bag.

From left to right I have:

  • A USB-A to MicroUSB cable
  • A USB-A to MiniUSB cable
  • A Nomad USB-A to USB-C/MicroUSB/Lightning cable
  • A Native Union USB-A to Lightning cable
  • An Anker USB-C to Lightning cable

On top of that, I also had a USB-C to USB-A adapter, and USB-A to USB-A flexible extension. My rationale for carrying all this stuff was that I never knew when I would need to use a specific cable. Thus I wanted to be ready for any eventuality. Which is to be frank overthinking what I need to carry. Now that travel is opening up again, I am rethinking this and I am moving towards having fewer cables in my tech travel bag. And the best way to do that is to go with this:

What you see here is what comes in the box of the RollingSquare InCharge XL. Staring at the top you get a carrying case, then from the left you get an extra Lightning and MicroUSB connector, the middle has a desk organizer to keep the cable handy on your desk. And finally you get the cable itself which has the following ends on it:

  • Computer end: USB-A and USB-C
  • Device end: USB-C, Lightning, MicroUSB

Here’s what that looks like:

For the record, the Lightning end also doubles as a MicroUSB connector. There’s also a cap to cover up the ends of the cable.

It comes in 1 foot, 6.5 foot and ten foot lengths. Plus there’s a choice of colours. I went with black in my case. It is not only rated for 100W charging which is good for a notebook, but it will do 18W fast charging for those of you on team iPhone. The ends snap together with magnets like this for easy storage:

If all this sounds familiar, it should. This is basically the big brother to the InCharge X that I reviewed a few months ago. Right down to the aramid fibre woven cable that is used. Testing it over the last few days brought me to the conclusion that it will perform no differently than the InCharge X. And my only concern is if it will be prone to scratches like the InCharge X is as it looks to be using the same paint as the InCharge X which isn’t that durable. I guess time will tell on that front. Having said that, one thing that I like with the InCharge XL is the fact that cap is attached to the cable. Which means your odds of losing it are pretty much zero. RollingSquare should consider bringing that feature to the InCharge X.

I got two of them in the 6.5 foot length so that I can make sure that I needed two cables for two different use cases, I have them on hand. All the cables that I had in the picture are now in my cable drawer. That should make life easier when I travel or go to see clients. Prices for the InCharge XL are as follows:

  • 1 foot: $29 USD
  • 6.5 foot: $35 USD
  • ten foot: $39 USD

If you’re always in need of different types of USB cables, the InCharge XL is a great way to cut down on the number of cables that you need to carry, but still have the cables that you need on hand. I’d check them out if you fit that use case.

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