Remember When Elon Musk Promised To Let Locked Out Journalists Back Onto Twitter…. Well, He Hasn’t Done That With All Locked Out Journalists

You might recall that Elon locked out a bunch of journalists from Twitter because they were allegedly “doxing” him which is broadcasting his location to the world. Then after one of his infamous polls, he claimed that he was going to let them back on. Well, not so fast. The Washing Post is reporting that some journalists remain locked out of Twitter:

Twitter owner Elon Musk said last week that the journalists he abruptly suspended for alleged rule violations were welcome to rejoin the platform after only two days on the sidelines. “The people have spoken,” he tweeted following a poll that strongly favored restoring the accounts.

But Musk didn’t mention that there was a catch.

Twitter has privately demanded that the suspended journalists delete the tweets that drew Musk’s ire in the first place — a condition the reporters have refused to accept.

The result is a stalemate: The suspended journalists remain in Twitter purgatory, unable to access their accounts.

The tweets in question mentioned or linked to a Twitter account called @ElonJet, which tracked the whereabouts of Musk’s private jet using publicly available flight data. All of the journalists were covering or commenting on Musk’s decision to banish the account, which he said threatened his family’s safety by tracking his movements.

None of the journalists’ tweets about @ElonJet, however, disclosed information about Musk or his jet’s location, despite Musk’s claim that the journalists had posted “assassination coordinates.”

The reporters maintain that their tweets were part of their reporting activities and didn’t violate any rules about “doxing,” the unsavory practice of posting personal information without permission. Accepting Musk’s demand for deletion, they say, would amount to a false admission of wrongdoing and an abdication to Musk’s subjective enforcement. They remain suspended.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Elon’s word is meaningless. It always has been and it always will be. I say that because this was always about Elon taking a shot at journalists that he didn’t like because they had the audacity to criticize him. That’s why I like many others are rubbing their hands in glee for the EU to simply lower the boom on this guy. Because when they do, as it’s only a matter of time until they do, Elon won’t know know what hit him. In the meantime, journalists are free to set up shop on Mastodon because a growing number of journalists have already moved over there. Not only that, a number of news organizations have set up their own Mastodon instances and federated them with the larger Mastodon community. That I hope creates a wave that brings larger news organizations and big name journalists to Mastodon. Which will in the end hurt Elon as that will take eyeballs away from Twitter. I guess he didn’t think that through. But he will be thinking about it when it happens.

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