TikTok Banned From US Government Devices

TikTok has long been a source of contention as it is seen as a Chinese app that at best is full of security issues, or at worst a data harvesting machine for the Chinese government. Well, it now seems that TikTok is back in the news again as Reuters is reporting that the app has been banned from US government devices. Meaning if you have the app, you need to delete it. And if you want to download it, you won’t be able to:

The popular Chinese video app TikTok has been banned from all U.S. House of Representatives-managed devices, according to the House’s administration arm, mimicking a law soon to go into effect banning the app from U.S. government devices.

The app is considered “high risk due to a number of security issues,” the House’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) said in a message sent to all lawmakers and staff on Tuesday, and must be deleted from all devices managed by the House.

The new rule follows a series of moves by U.S. state governments to ban TikTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd, from government devices. As of last week, 19 states have at least partially blocked the app from state-managed devices over concerns that the Chinese government could use the app to track Americans and censor content.

Given this sort of momentum, you have to wonder if there will be a move towards an outright ban where nobody can use TikTok in the US. Which will likely spread to other countries. I’ve argued that they should be banned for the following reasons:

Ban them. Ban them now. And get other countries to ban them. This discussion about if TikTok is a national security threat has been going on for years. And if you’re having this much discussion about a topic, and stuff keeps coming out that says that whatever it is that you’re talking about is bad, you should probably ban it. Because keeping TikTok around really doesn’t do anyone any good.

Thus it’s high time that countries stating with the US stop talking about banning them and get about actually doing it.

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