ZF + Benteler/Holon’s New Autonomous Shuttles To Hit U.S. Roads Via Beep

Beep – the mobility-as-a-service entity that already operates the country’s largest and most tenured autonomous shuttle deployments in the country – has news that major European automotive companies ZF and Benteler (new brand Holon) have announced that their all-new autonomous shuttles which were launched at CES today will be hitting roads in the U.S. through Beep service.

Here’s some key announcements:

  • ZF and Beep sign agreement to potentially supply several thousand new-generation autonomous Level 4 shuttles to U.S. market: ZF announces partnership with mobility provider Beep to bring new-generation autonomous Level 4 shuttle to U.S. market – ZF
  • Benteler/Holon: The autonomous mover for everyone: World premiere of HOLON vehicle at CES 2023
    • New BENTELER brand HOLON presents world’s first autonomous mover built to automotive standards
    • Vehicle to combine sustainability, inclusion, comfort and safety
    • Collaboration with Mobileye, Beep and Cognizant Mobility, among others
  • Also as an FYI:
    • Beep also operates in various communities in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and just finished service at Yellowstone National Park where National Park Service worked with Beep on AV strategy for the entire system of National Parks in the U.S. 
    • The company tackles everything from end-to-end – from government cooperation on evolving policy/regulation/etc. on autonomous vehicles, deploying/managing the fleets of AVs, integration with the communities to include first responder training to hiring attendants and most importantly, its backing by Intel reinforces confidence in Beep’s development of software/intellectual property around technologies that are driving the entire autonomous vehicle landscape forward.

This is a company that I will be keeping my eye on as they’ve clearly going places. Excuse the pun.

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