The BlackFog State of Ransomware Report December 2022 Report Is Out

BlackFog has today released the December 2022 State of Ransomware Report. BlackFog issues a monthly report accounting for cyberattacks within the last month, showing targeted industries and the current active threat groups. 

Key findings for the month of December with perspectives below from Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog:

  • As we say goodbye to 2022, ransomware continued its assault in December with 35 new attacks, the highest in 3 years, and the 4th highest from a record-breaking year.
  • From an industry perspective, Retail and Government saw the biggest increases of 15% and 13% respectively. The government, together with education and healthcare, were the top targets throughout the year, easily outstripping the closest, technology, by more than 30%. This reinforces the trend focusing on industries with the lowest levels of protection and skill shortages.
  • This month we also saw a large increase in attacks using Hive and BlackCat variants with 17% and 16% increases respectively. LockBit, which ended the year as the most effective variant of 2022 ended at 15.7% of all successful attacks.
  • Finally, we ended the year with 87% of all attacks leveraging PowerShell and 89% involving some form of data exfiltration, no surprise given the dramatic shift in attacks focusing almost entirely on data extortion.

Today’s full report can be found here:

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