#PSA: If You Have A Playstation 5… You May Want To Orient It Horizontally

This is one of those design flaws that needs to result in some people being fired. I say that because it has come to light that Sony’s Playstation 5 appears to have a design fault that can take months to appear and the failure that is a result of this design flaw only seems to happen if you use the console while it’s in a vertical orientation:

As Wololo reports, hardware repair specialists working on PS5 consoles that fail to boot are finding the problem is caused by the liquid metal thermal interface Sony used on the custom AMD Zen 2 CPU. 

When the PS5 is oriented in a vertical position, over time the liquid metal is moving and spilling out on to the components surrounding the CPU. This also means the liquid metal is no longer evenly spread across the chip it’s meant to help cool.

To back this up, Twitter user @68Logic, who runs a hardware repair store in France, has told PS5 owners not to use the console in a vertical position:

It will be interesting to see if and how Sony responds to these reports. Because if this is an issue that is frequent enough to warrant attention from the tech media, Sony may be in for a recall or a class action lawsuit. At the moment they’ve said nothing. But I suspect that the may not be able to stay silent for long. In the meantime, if you’re a PS5 owner, you may want to use it in a horizontal orientation just to be safe. Issues may not happen to every PS5, but the fact that this is gaining the attention of repair shops and the tech media means that this problem is not an isolated one.

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