Is Twitter Down To 1300 Full Time Employees?

According to a report from CNBC, Twitter is down to full time employees after Elon Musk has taken the axe and started to randomly swing it:

Twitter’s full-time headcount has dwindled to approximately 1,300 active, working employees, including fewer than 550 full-time engineers by title, according to internal records viewed by CNBC. Around 75 of the company’s 1,300 employees are on leave including about 40 engineers.

The company’s trust and safety team, which makes policy recommendations, design and product changes with the aim of keeping all of Twitter’s users safe, is down to fewer than 20 full-time employees.

Elon clearly is sensitive about this as he Tweeted that the report was incorrect:

The thing is that Elon offered no proof of anything that he said. While on the other hand, CNBC saw documents that allowed them to write this story. Which means that they thought the proof was good enough to go to press so to speak. That gives the believability factor to CNBC. Though I will point this out. Doing some quick math, I see this:

  • If you take CNBC’s numbers at face value, Twitter’s current staff is less than 20% of the 7,500 employees that the company had before Musk’s buyout.
  • If you take Musk’s numbers at face value, the company has retained about 30% of its employees.

Honestly, neither of those numbers look good if you’re Elon. And I can see why Elon might be a wee bit sensitive about this topic as the clear implication is that he’s cut so close to the bone that bad things are going to happen. I suspect that we’ll see who’s right very shortly.

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