Apple Has Done It Again…. Base Model M2 Macs Have Slower SSD’s…. And That Includes The Pro Models

Back in June when the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both with the M2 processor shipped, a controversy erupted when it was discovered that the base model computers had slower SSD’s installed versus the base model M1 equivalent computers. At the time I said this as to the reason why they were slower:

This is due 256GB model is equipped with only a single NAND flash storage chip. The M1 version had two NAND chips that were likely 128GB each. This creates a RAID like setup that resulted in better performance. The only reason why I can think that Apple did this to save a few bucks so that they can have higher margins on the computer. And what makes that worse is that Apple raised the price this time around. 

I then declared that the base model was a bad deal and you should skip it entirely and upgrade to 512GB. It now seems that Apple has done it again. Both MacRumors and 9to5Mac are reporting that the new Mac mini at the base model level has a single NAND chip. And what’s worse, Apple’s cost cutting has now seemed to have spread to their “pro” as 9to5Mac is reporting that the base model 14″ MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro chip comes with a single NAND SSD setup. Which means that it has similar performance, meaning it has bad performance.

Now while I don’t like the fact that Apple’s cost cutting affects their entry level computers, I get it. Those are built to a price point. But for it to hit their “pro” computers where people willingly pay a premium for is inexcusable. I honestly don’t understand why Apple would do that. I can only conclude that Apple is counting on the fact that most “pro” users will custom order their computers with higher storage options which avoids this problem entirely. If that’s the case, that’s really a cynical view by Apple.

And just generally, Apple doing this again after getting significant blowback when they did this last summer is just mind blowing as you’d think that Apple would have wanted to avoid a second go round of this controversy. One person that I know suggested that Apple really must want to screw over their customers. I wouldn’t go that far, but the optics of this situation do not look good for Apple. And I guess that going forward, if you want to buy a Mac, and you expect decent levels of performance, you need to spend more money because Apple is basically forcing you to do so.

That’s really not a good look for Apple if you ask me.

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