Review: Apple Black Unity Sport Loop

February is Black History Month and Apple over the last couple of years has released a limited edition Apple Watch band. Two years ago they released a Black Unity Sport band. Last year they released and I reviewed a Braided Solo Loop Band, and this year they’ve released a Sport Loop version. Let’s have a look at it:

Just like last year it comes in a black box that highlights the band.

On the back of the box, it’s mentioned that Apple supports racial equity and justice.

Inside the box you get two things. A thick piece of paper that says “unity” on it in the Pan African colours, and the band itself.

Opening the piece of paper that says “unity” you get this text in a number of languages.

And here’s the sport band in the Pan African colours. One thing that is interesting is that the yellow that you see in the band is really a combination of red and green woven to make it look yellow. That’s a clever trick. The black sections that make up the word “UNITY” on the band are raised and are soft to the touch. As for what it feels like when you wear it, well it feels like your typical sport loop to be honest. That is that it is comfortable and stretches a bit.

On the inside of the band, you get this “Black Unity” label.

And here’s the band on my Apple Watch Ultra with the Unity Mosaic watch face which showed up in watchOS 9.3. There’s a matching iPhone wallpaper that was added to iOS 16.3.

This band is at $59 CDN is far more affordable than the $119 CDN that last year’s band went for. Thus I suspect that you’ll see a lot more of them in the wild. And the fact that it has a meaning and a message, as well as the fact that it supports efforts for racial justice is something that should make Apple Watch owners want to grab one.

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