Less Than 0.2% Of Twitter Users Subscribe To Twitter Blue

A number of readers overnight pointed me to a paywalled story that was posted by The Information which illustrates that Elon Musk may be failing miserably at getting people to sign up for Twitter Blue:

So let’s assume that this is true, and I’ll get back to whether it is or is not in a moment. Elon by his own admission said that half of Twitter’s revenue had to come from subscriptions for Twitter to make money. This is nowhere close to that, and highlights that Elon is in very deep trouble here. Because of this, I honestly don’t see a scenario where this improves to the level where Twitter’s finances hit the “breakeven” point that he spoke of yesterday. I also honestly don’t see how he’s going to convince companies to pay for their gold verification checkmark if he can’t convince the public to pay for their blue ones. I personally think that the core issue is that there is no value in paying $8 to $11 a month for a blue checkmark because there’s no added value other than the perceived “flex” of having a blue checkmark next to your Twitter handle. Which to be frank only validates that you pay Elon money and nothing else. Thus I have to conclude that the combination of that plus all that surrounds Elon from a negative perspective is making this Twitter Blue thing a #fail.

As for if this is true or not, I have no doubt that it is true because The Information in the past has been very, very accurate when they break stories. And they wouldn’t go to press with this if they didn’t have every fact lined up and perfect. I am sure that Elon will protest this report and call it false. But unless he opens his books for all to see, his protesting of this report is meaningless. And he will have a new problem on his hands as a result. Which is that Twitter under Elon’s leadership is failing, and now everybody knows it. How will his fragile ego handle that?

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