Twitter Is Now Shoving Elon Musk’s Tweets In Your Face

Remember last week when Elon Musk lost his mind because his engagement on Twitter was down, and as a result fired someone over it? Well I guess that his engagement on Twitter really matters to him as Twitter users are reporting seeing way more of Elon than they are used to:

Several of us here at The Verge are seeing more Musk replies than usual, and I personally counted five at the very top of my feed, with many more sprinkled in between tweets from other users. The same is true for some accounts that don’t even follow Elon Musk.


Over the weekend, Musk said Twitter rolled out some sort of change to fix this “visibility” issue, with the billionaire CEO stating that 95 percent of his tweets weren’t “getting delivered.” I’m not sure if this is at all related to this Elon-filled feed, but I’m hoping Twitter fixes this issue soon — unless the new mandate is to get the boss more views by any means necessary.

I don’t see a fix coming for this soon as this is how Twitter is going to be under Elon. It’s basically become his own echo chamber where only the gratification of his ego matters. If you needed another reason to flee Twitter, this is a great one because his head is becoming so big, the rest of us won’t fit onto Twitter because of that.

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