Is Antivirus Software Still Relevant? Report Shows Americans Say “Yes” And Rely On Free Over Paid Programs

Even as Apple and Microsoft invest billions in protecting their own devices, 85 percent of American adults are continuing to rely on third-party antivirus software, up from 77 percent a year ago.

That is one finding of’s annual report on the antivirus market:’s latest report also found:

  • Nearly three-in-four Americans still strongly believe computers need antivirus to protect their devices
  • More than half (61 percent) of antivirus users rely on free programs, such as Microsoft Defender, which comes installed on their PCs
  • Only eight percent of free antivirus users experienced a breakthrough virus in the past year, compared to 10 percent of paid users
  • An estimated 33 million households pay for antivirus software, many of which include popular features that boost internet security, such as VPNs, password managers, or secure browsers
  • Seven percent of people in the study – an estimated 16 million Americans – will be in the market for antivirus software in the next six months

You can read the full report here. I will say that this mirrors a lot of the experience that I have with my home/SMB clients which makes this report worth reading.

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