Twitter Has Once Again Taken A Dirt Nap… And This Time It’s Big

Another day, another outage with Twitter. This outage has broken all links on Twitter because of errors with the link shortener redirect API. When you click on a link, you get this or something like it:

But that’s not all. Elon has managed to break more stuff. Images on Twitter are also completely broken for many users. The entire Tweetdeck web experience is also broken. And there’s still more than that. Specifically:

  • Twitter subdomains are broken for things like Developers, Ads, etc. are broken
  • The ability to report an account or a Tweet is broken

Of all the recent Twitter outages, this has been the worst by far. Thus confirming what I have been predicting for a while. Twitter’s reliability is on the decline and there’s nothing that Elon can do to stop the inevitable demise of Twitter. That’s really not going to help Elon make money from the platform because advertisers aren’t going to want to advertise on a platform that has one foot in the grave. Never mind people signing up for Twitter Blue. Because in either case, you’d just be throwing away your money.

Happy Monday Elon.

UPDATE: Speaking of Elon, he actually had something to say about this:

The platform wasn’t anywhere this “brittle” before he took over. Just an observation.

UPDATE #2: Twitter appears to be working…. For now.

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