Twitter Appears To Be Testing Using Government IDs To Sign Up For Twitter Blue

The folks at TechCrunch are reporting the following:

Twitter appears to be testing a new verification process for Twitter Blue subscribers that would involve submitting a government ID. Code-level insights reveal a process for sending in a photo of the user’s ID, both front and back, along with a selfie photo to verify their Twitter account. The feature is listed alongside others only available to Twitter Blue subscribers, like support for editing tweets, uploading longer videos, organizing bookmarks with folders and other paid subscription perks.

The ID upload feature was uncovered in Twitter’s code last week by product intelligence firm, but it’s unclear for now if it’s being tested externally. The firm told TechCrunch it believes the feature is in testing in the U.S., where it was found in the Android version of the Twitter app. However, it doesn’t know how many (or if any) Twitter users are actually seeing the feature as of yet.

Seeing as the launch of Twitter Blue has been a train wreck next to a dumpster fire to say the least, and very few Twitter users have signed up for it, I guess that Elon was forced to come up with something that makes it less likely to be a train wreck next to a dumpster fire as this will stop the impersonations and the other stuff that happened when Twitter Blue first launched. As for getting people to sign up for Twitter Blue, I have to assume that this is one piece of a bigger puzzle to encourage Twitter users to sign up for Twitter Blue. And we’ll have to wait to see what those other pieces are.

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