Cado Security Introduces Masked-AI: Open Source Library to Secure Sensitive Data 

Cado Security, provider of the first cloud forensics and incident response platform, today announced the availability of Masked-AI. This open-source library enables the usage of Large Language Models (LLM) APIs such as OpenAI/GPT-4 more securely without sending out sensitive information. Available as a download from the GitHub repository, Masked-AI allows developers to use APIs such as OpenAI without worrying about security concerns.

Previously, the company introduced an Interactive Incident Response feature within the Cado Platform utilizing GPT-3 to further streamline forensic investigations and expedite response. Cado noted several potential issues with using GPT-3 in production environments for the incident response use case, including privacy-related concerns. Introducing Masked-AI is Cado Security’s initiative to foster a community around speeding up incident response in the cloud while leveraging LLM APIs securely to increase the efficiency of security teams.

Sharing highly-sensitive data with a third-party API is a massive security and privacy concern. Even with data usage policy changes, there have still been security issues causing concerns amongst the industry including the exploitation of users’ AI conversations. With these types of incidents still at large, the launch of Masked-AI offers users the ability to conceal sensitive data shared via API to ensure confidentiality and greater security, while continuing to take advantage of all of the benefits AI has to offer.

Masked-AI currently masks individuals’ names, credit card numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, web links, and IP addresses. The tool is “masking” or replacing sensitive data with a placeholder and sending the masked request to the API. The solution stores a lookup table locally to then later reconstruct the API output to include the sensitive data for the user to consume.  

The Python SDK and CLI tool is a free, open-source companion to Cado’s enterprise/commercial product for cloud forensics and incident response. The new open-source tool developed by Cado’s software engineering team has also been integrated with the Cado platform to further optimize and expedite the end-to-end incident response process.

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