Judge Grants Twitter’s Request To ID Source Code Leaker Along With People Who Downloaded The Source Code

Yesterday a court in California granted Twitter’s request to force GitHub identify who leaked source code onto GitHub and who’s downloaded said source code from GitHub.

Let’s start with the who part. The GitHub user ID associated with the leaked source code is “FreeSpeechEnthusiast” which I am sure is a shot at the fact that Elon Musk claims to be a free speech absolutist, but hasn’t demonstrated that since buying Twitter. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that “FreeSpeechEnthusiast” is most likely a disgruntled former Twitter employee who’s decided to take a little revenge on Elon for firing him or her. Whether they can actually track this person down is anyone’s guess as I have to assume that they would have smart enough to have covered their tracks. But I guess we’ll see as that sometimes isn’t the case when people try to take some form or revenge on a former employer.

Now over to the people who downloaded this source code. Chances are they’ll find a bunch of people who downloaded this code for giggles. But those aren’t the people who should concern Elon. Threat actors who downloaded this code, and who really want to take Twitter down or make life miserable for Elon aren’t going to be that easy to find. Thus I believe that the damage to Twitter has only begun as I fully expect attacks on Twitter to begin soon and no amount of legal intervention will change that.

GitHub has until April 3 to produce all of this information. It’s not clear to me if they can or will do that. And it isn’t clear if this code exists elsewhere on GitHub. I suppose Elon could get one of the few people who are left at Twitter to spend their time looking through GitHub trying to find any other copies of Twitter’s source code. But I suspect that Elon will have bigger issues to deal with shortly.

Tune in April 3rd or earlier to see what happens next.

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