Here’s Who’s NOT Paying Elon $8 A Month For Twitter Blue

Yesterday was the start of Elon’s latest desperate attempt to make money. Which is to kill off the legacy verification program in favour of a paid scheme that goes something like this:

  • Organizations can apply to become verified and any Twitter linked to a verified organization will be “automatically verified.” Though that’s going to cost $1000 a month and users who are affiliated to a verified organization will cost an additional $50 a month.
  • Twitter will maintain the verification status for Twitter’s top 500 advertisers and the 10,000 most followed organizations, according to company documents obtained by the New York Times.
  • A gray checkmark will be given to accounts representing a national government or government officials without requiring them to pay a subscription fee.
  • Everyone else needs to pay up for Twitter Blue.

To the shock of absolutely nobody, there’s been a whole lot of pushback on this scheme. The White House has said it would not pay to have its staff verified. And numerous media outlets have said that they’re not paying up either. Here’s a lengthy Twitter thread by Oliver Darcy of CNN on this:

And a lot of big names on Twitter have said the same thing. Here’s a example of what I am talking about:

This is not only going badly for Elon as he’s not only going to fail miserably at increasing his revenue stream, but this is also becoming a PR issue as well. When big names and big institutions either flee the platform, or aren’t prominent, there is little value or incentive for the average Joe to be on the platform. Never mind pay Elon $8 a month. And if the average Joe isn’t Twitter, there’s no point for advertisers to be there either.

I will not that I am still seeing celebrities and organizations with their blue checkmarks. But who knows how much longer that will last? Or if Elon is about to one of the many U-turns that’s he’s done since buying Twitter. But I think it’s safe to say that Elon’s “ready, fire, aim” mentality is about to come back to bite him yet again.

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