Guest Post: It’s World Cloud Security Day – And Lookout Says That Remote Work Could Be Risky for Your Organization

Today, April 3rd, is World Cloud Security Day which raises awareness of the emerging threats individuals and organizations face when team members use their personal cell phones and computers to access corporate data remotely. These threats include malware, denial of service, and password attacks.

According to Lookout’s The State of Remote Work Security 2023 survey – a study of 3,000 remote and hybrid workers from enterprise companies in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany — data results presented below highlight the behaviors of remote workers that put an organization at risk.

  • 81% of CIOs report their company had experienced a Wi-Fi-related security incident in the last year, with 62% of Wi-Fi-related security incidents occurring in cafes and coffee shops.
  • 43% of remote workers have downloaded, saved, or sent work-related materials to a personal account for convenience; and
  • 57% of remote workers have sent an email from their work account to a personal one for convenience.
  • 56% say they often do work and personal tasks on the same device.
  • Fully remote workers (72%) are more likely to do personal tasks during work hours than hybrid workers (54%); and
  • 32% of remote workers use apps or software for convenience reasons, which are not approved by their IT department. 

Please download the the full report here to find out: 

  • What are the implications for IT security in the wake of the transition to remote work? 
  • What sort of employee practices increase the risk of sensitive data falling into an insecure environment?
  • How does an organization best protect its data when employees spend 20+ hours per week on their personal mobile devices. 

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