Elon Musk Takes Out Flipboard’s Access To Twitter

It’s becoming clear that Elon Musk is walling off Twitter to make it an echo chamber that he completely controls. About the same time that this happened to WordPress, Flipboard’s access to Twitter was cut off:

Twitter, once a public square for ideas, is closing the free flow of information and has shut its gates to other platforms, including Flipboard. If you had connected your Twitter hashtags or feeds to Flipboard, you’ll notice those are no longer working. You may see gray tiles or broken links. Unfortunately, without access to the Twitter API, we can’t do anything to fix these issues.

As an alternative to the Twitter hashtags or lists you followed, consider following Flipboard Topic feeds. There are over 30,000 of them, on everything from #artificialintelligence to #twitter itself. They are high-quality feeds with little noise, delivering stories from trusted sources 24/7. Just use search to find what you’re interested in, follow the Topic, and comment on stories or share with others on Flipboard. 

Looking ahead, as Twitter continues to alienate its users, the next wave of social media will be on open platforms like Mastodon. Every day more and more people join Mastodon and we are there as well. If you already have a Mastodon account, be sure to follow Flipboard. If you want to explore this fast growing social platform, apply for a Mastodon account at flipboard.social. Once you have an account, connect it to your Flipboard, just like you had connected Twitter.

That response suggests to me that Flipboard isn’t going to play nice with Elon. Nor should they as appeasing bullies only emboldens them. Elon as I have said many times before has completely lost the plot here. And it will cost him more than the $24 billion that he’s lost so far. He’ll be exposed for the charlatan that he is, and I along with many others will be there to laugh in his face.

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