Elon Musk Screws Over Substack Users By Not Allowing Tweets With Substack Links In Them

First, let me explain what Substack is. Substack is a website that lets independent writers and podcasters publish directly to their audience and get paid through subscriptions. And that apparently is some sort of threat to Elon Musk for reasons I will get to in a moment, because if you like, reply, or retweet to tweets that contain links to Substack posts, none of those will work:

After those reports surfaced, between Thursday night and Friday morning, Twitter apparently began to restrict promotion and visibility for tweets with links to Substack posts. New tweets linking directly to Substack.com can still be tweeted, but trying to retweet or like those tweets via Twitter’s website results in an error message saying, “Some actions on this Tweet have been disabled by Twitter,” while doing the same from within its apps or TweetDeck appears to work while failing silently.

Here’s why this is a threat to Elon:

The unfortunate situation comes on the heels of Substack announcing Notes, a Twitter competitor.

Yep. Once again Elon hasn’t got the stones to compete straight up with anything Twitter competitor. Instead he just simply disables the ability to do Tweets with links to another company in the Tweet. What a loser he is. At some point, this sort of behaviour is going to come back to bite him. It’s a matter of when, not if that happens.

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