New Zelle Phishing Attack Has Hackers Spoofing Popular Money Transfer Site: Avanan

Zelle has become a top-rated money-transfer service, making it easy for users to instantly send money to friends or businesses. Unfortunately, its popularity has also attracted the attention of hackers who are now spoofing Zelle to steal money from unsuspecting end-users. 

Avanan, a Check Point Software Company, has revealed how hackers spoofed Zelle to obtain money from their victims. Avanan’s cybersecurity researchers have prepared an attack brief discussing the tactics used by these hackers to deceive their victims.

In this attack, hackers send out well-crafted spoofed Zelle emails to trick users into sending money directly to them. Using social engineering and brand impersonation techniques, cybercriminals convincingly mimic Zelle’s email communications, luring users to click on a malicious link.

You can read the report here.

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