Elon Musk Tinkers With Twitter Again…. This Time He’s Adding Labels To Tweets And Is Trying To Not Censor Anything

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Elon Musk’s latest attempt to tinker with how Twitter works is going to end badly. Here’s what he’s up to this time:

There’s also a blog post with more details.

So, Elon is preaching “freedom of speech, not reach” which I guess is supposed to align with his free speech absolutist view of the universe. Which we already know is total BS at this point. The problem in my mind with this approach is that this is literally censoring on an arbitrary definition of what’s considered speech that someone doesn’t like. And that someone is likely to be Elon. I can’t see how this is a win for anyone. Especially Twitter.

Don’t be surprised if the blowback from this causes him to reverse course. Again.

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