Elon Musk Goes Off The Deep End Again By Threatening To Sue Microsoft

This whole Twitter/Elon Musk thing gets more bizarre by the day. Late today, Elon threatened to sue Microsoft.

No, seriously. He really did threaten to sue Microsoft. Here’s why:

Elon Musk says he’ll sue Microsoft after claiming the software giant ‘trained illegally’ using the social networking site’s data, amid a row about Microsoft’s refusal to pay Twitter’s new fees.

Musk issued the threat after it was revealed Microsoft had dropped Twitter from its advertising platform following a row over its refusal to pay Twitter’s API fees.

Responding to a story from the Twitter Daily News feed, Musk wrote: ‘They trained illegally using Twitter data. Lawsuit time.’

Here’s the Tweet in question:

This is a pretty dumb move by Elon on a number of fronts. For starters, if he’s hoping to intimidate Microsoft into getting back onto Twitter from an ads perspective, that’s going to fail as Elon won’t scare them. Second, Microsoft has way more cash than Twitter or Elon. So they’ll have no problem seeing him in court as the legal costs will be a rounding error to them. On top of that, Elon has a habit of just saying stuff that isn’t true. Which if his accusation of Microsoft using Twitter data is false, then they will be suing Elon.

So why would Elon say this? My guess is he’s salty about Microsoft dropped Twitter from their advertising platform and they won’t cut him a cheque for API access. And he’s reacting badly. And that’s going to come back to haunt him. Just like a lot of other things that Elon has done.

My bet: There will be no lawsuit. Though given Elon’s history of poor decision making, I suppose anything is possible.

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