Today Is Earth Day

Earth Day, recognized on April 22 across the globe, is one of the most widely celebrated events to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment, honor the environmental movement’s achievements, and highlight the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations. 

In recognition of Earth Day, I have some commentary from some industry leaders. Staring with  Jason Lohrey, Founder and CEO of Arcitecta:

“It is critical to act now – and decisively – to protect our environment. Arcitecta and its employees join with the many individuals and organizations across the globe to boost awareness of the preciousness of our environment, deploying initiatives to help protect it, and taking actions that encourage those we do business with to help preserve our planet.  

When purchasing products and services, we must focus on sourcing from organizations that minimize their environmental footprint, such as using renewable energy, minimizing the use of polluting transport, and sustainable production that considers the full product life-cycle. At Arcitecta we proactively seek out companies to do business with that are demonstrably taking measures to implement sustainability initiatives.   

More specifically, Arcitecta utilizes the minimum amount of hardware, and the most energy efficient hardware in the development of its data management software systems. We have installed solar panels on our buildings to power our office needs and to return significant excess power to the electricity grid. Our philosophy is to limit business travel as much as possible, to encourage the use of public transport and cycling, to provide charging stations for our employees’ electric cars, which an increasing number of them have.  

Next up is Molly Presley, SVP of Marketing at Hammerspace weighs in on this timely and important topic.

“As nations around the globe strive to meet sustainability goals and reduce their climate impact, the technology industry is coming under increasing pressure to both use data to innovate and identify more efficient solutions while, at the same time, reducing the impact of those same IT technologies. The fight to make positive change for the environment is a forefront focus of enterprises and governments that continuously use technology to create positive change while navigating new policies, standards, laws, and regulations that drive significant changes in their ways of doing business. 

Within the data computing and data storage industry, there are tremendous and rapidly increasing technological advancements; however, organizations experience significant workflow challenges and inefficiencies when data gets trapped in storage silos and locations. Compute infrastructure requires significant power, and it is difficult to move data to geographies that have more efficient and available energy. It is also incredibly inefficient to have numerous copies of the same data stored in power-consuming storage systems that must live in air-conditioned data centers. To meet sustainability goals, organizations need data to be freely available to their teams anywhere as a global resource, unbound by location and data silos. 

Automated data orchestration in a cross-platform global namespace across silos, sites, and clouds is emerging as a game-changer in this area. Typically, organizations need more power to accomplish everything they need to do. However, even when power is available in specific locations, it can be much more expensive to access and heavier on the environment to generate it. The capability to enable transparent, automated data orchestration, even on live data, enables workflows to achieve unprecedented efficiencies, leveraging any combination of on-premises and cloud resources. In addition, it creates an agile environment that can adapt to changing requirements to better meet tight deadlines and budgets.  

In summary, when energy and power are not available and very expensive, bundling content into files and efficiently orchestrating it to other areas using available, lower-cost, more efficient compute is a win-win – you achieve a more cost-effective, energy-efficient solution and a greener approach.”

Hopefully these comments from industry leaders can help you to make your own impact on Earth Day as we only have one planet and we have to do our best to take care of it.

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