If You Need A Good Reason To Quit Twitter, Here’s One… A Far Right Party In The UK Has Been Given A Gold Checkmark By Elon

Twitter and it’s owner Elon Musk have both sunk to a new low with news via The Daily Mirror that a far right party in the UK has now been given a gold checkmark which makes it an “official organization” under Twitter’s rather messed up rules:

Fury has erupted after Twitter verified far-Right group Britain First with an ‘official organisation’ gold tick under Elon Musk’s shake-up of the social media platform. 

British political party Britain First opposes multiculturalism in the UK, campaigning against what they call ‘Islamisation’, and instead seeks to ‘preserve traditional British culture’.

They have been known for making direct action on their beliefs including ‘invasions’ of British mosques. The leader, Paul Golding, has been previously convicted for religiously aggravated harassment against Muslims.

Now the official party on Twitter has received a gold tick, which verifies the account as an ‘official organisation’. Mr Golding has also had a blue tick added to his profile to verify him as an ‘official business user’.

This is an organization that has been previously banned from not only Twitter, but Facebook as well for the fact that this is a violent extremest group. By unbanning them, it’s pretty clear the Elon supports this far right group. Which says a lot about Elon.

So, if Elon is letting hate flow on Twitter, and backing that up with actions like this, is there any reason for any reasonable person to remain on Twitter? I would say that there isn’t. Because remaining on the platform only legitimizes Elon’s actions which are deplorable according to any standard.

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